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holy shit

look at this

I don’t even know where to begin.

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no matter how nice an accompaniment they’d make on top of that rice….

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Today’s art appreciation: Bernie Wrightson’s illustrations of Frankenstein.

These illustrations are absolutely stunning. I don’t know if I have adequately expressed my love of this novel yet (if not, do not doubt that I will do so soon), but Wrightson’s drawings are a perfect compliment to the book. For one thing, they are so very powerful. Look at the one of Frankenstein cradling Elizabeth. Look at the others. Look at the ice. Look at the details of his study. Gorgeous. Beyond that, however - look at the one set in the pouring rain. Where everything is drawn in downward hatching to convey the weather and atmosphere. It is insane.

And, really, that is the big thing to be looking at here. More than even how evocative of the feel of the novel his drawings are (and, really, they very much are so), it is the sheer draughtsmanship of them. The clean, consistent pen lines, the composition, the lighting and value range… THERE IS SO MUCH TO BE LEARNED FROM THIS MAN. Seriously. Take a moment to simply appreciate how well each of them even work as thumbnails. They are brilliantly drawn and executed.

This is true illustration, my friends. Just marvel in the skill it took to make them.

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